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The B.E.L.I.E.V.E. Wealth Management Process

To become your trusted source for comprehensive tax-efficient wealth management, we follow what we call the B.E.L.I.E.V.E Wealth Management Process, which includes these steps:

  • Build a relationship.
    Before we can tailor a plan for you, we first need to understand what motivates you, what keeps you up at night, and your overall feelings about money and taxes.
  • Evaluate.
    The next step is to assess your current situation. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of your assets, income, expenses, and debts, and an analysis of your tax returns.
  • Listen.
    Effective financial planning requires two-way communication. After taking the time to learn about your attitudes toward money, your values, and your objectives, we create a customized roadmap to put you on the path to help you work towards financial security.
  • Inform & Educate.
    Think of us as your investment coaches. We will sift through the abundance of options available to you and educate you about your options and strategies that we believe are most appropriate for you.
  • Validate.
    We won’t make a move until you are comfortable with the recommended strategy and have given us the green light to put a plan into motion.
  • Execute.
    Once your plan has been implemented, we will monitor your accounts closely and recommend any necessary adjustments as conditions evolve.