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Summit Asset Management


Comprehensive Wealth Management and Tax Planning

Many investors measure the success of their investment portfolios by focusing on short-term performance results. At Summit Asset Management, Inc., a boutique financial services firm providing institutional-quality management to individual investors and small businesses, we believe what’s left after you pay your tax bill is the truest measure of financial success.

With each passing year the IRS Tax Code becomes more complex. Federal and state tax rates for bond interest, stock dividends, and capital gains are subject to change. Income tax deductions are added, eliminated, or adjusted. The rules that govern estate taxes are in a constant state of flux. In this constantly evolving environment, vigilance and strategic management are required to ensure that you are not paying more than your fair share of taxes.

Whether you work for a large corporation, own a successful business, or are already retired, we provide the guidance that you need to minimize your tax liability.